Delibike – system to manage a fleet of light electric vehicles

What is the fastest vehicle to deliver food, groceries, flowers or other types of shipments? A bicycle! Add an electric drive to it, and deliveries of your products will be made in no time!

Complete and flexible solution

The last mile transportation system is a complete and flexible solution dedicated to companies facing the problem of delivering goods, parcels and meals in cities, especially useful in areas excluded from car traffic. Delibike is not only an electric cargo bike, it is first of all a dedicated software, which allows to effectively and efficiently manage the work of couriers, including optimization of their routes. In addition, it provides communication, remote control and security.

Use Delibike to not invest in your own fleet.

You use our bikes flexibly, easily adjusting the number of bikes to your needs. You also don’t worry about service – we’ll make sure your equipment is always in working order.

If a bicycle alone is not enough for you

…increase your transportation capabilities by using a Delitrailer trailer with custom. The trailer’s swivel drawbar and front swivel wheel allow it to turn virtually on the spot, and the overrun brake efficiently stops the whole set. This is an extremely efficient and agile solution for last-mile deliveries.

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10pcs/h10pcs/hAverage number of shipments delivered 18pcs/h6pcs/h
14km/h14km/hAverage speed in the city 220km/h18km/h
3 500EUR4 000EURApproximate net cost of purchase320 000EUR27 000EUR
900EUR/year1 250EUR/yearAnnual maintenance costs4600EUR/year3 000EUR/year
1 – average results of studies conducted in London, assuming a geographic range of about 2km in linear distance between delivery points
2 – determined on the basis of the Report of the European Cyclists’ Federation
3 – purchase costs were determined based on the cheapest offers on the market and apply to Dacia Spring Electric and Fiat Ducato
4 – maintenance costs refer to upkeep, fuel/battery charging, battery depreciation, service parts, insurance


  • trouble-free 250W electric drive
  • comfortable frame geometry – unisize
  • range up to 150 km – the largest battery on the market
  • max load 160 kg


  • made in accordance with automotive standards
  • tailored delivery box
  • range of the set up to 100 km
  • max. load 200 kg


  • vehicle geolocation
  • bike fleet management system – dashboard
  • mobile application
  • support for proximity cards
  • remote lock operation


  • monthly bicycle fee
  • monthly fee per app user


  • service included in the monthly fee (service level agreement)
  • agreement for 36 months

One-time implemenation fee

  • Initial fee for solution implementation one-time


pyszne-pl inpost

Projekt pojemnika do transportu mrożonych ciast

Design i testy dla MyShop

Dla firmy MyShop zaprojektowaliśmy oraz przeprowadziliśmy serię testów pojemnika do przewozu mrożonych ciast.

Nasi projektanci odpowiedzialni są nie tylko za design samych kartoników ale przede wszystkim za przemyślany układ poszczególnych elementów wewnątrz styroboxu utrzymującego niską temperaturę podczas transportu trwającego nawet do 48 godzin.

Każdy z elementów pełni tutaj istotną funkcję. Wśród nich między innymi są specjalne kartoniki na suchy lód z mini otworami oraz dedykowany kartonik na ciasta czy babeczki. Istotne są też idealnie spasowane odległości pomiędzy poszczególnymi elementami oraz taśma uszczelniająca – wszystko to razem pozwala na dostarczenie w określonym czasie zamrożonego ciasta wprost pod drzwi klienta. Prace projektowe oraz nasze testy trwały kilka tygodni pozwalając uzyskać pożądany efekt – pojemnik skonstruowany tak, aby utrzymał odpowiednią temperaturę przez 48 godzin.

Muscle electrostimulation device

For MEON EMS, we designed a device for low-frequency electrical muscle stimulation.

During EMS training, muscles are stimulated to contract by an electrical impulse coming from outside, not by the central nervous system as in traditional training. During training, our device, connected to a suit equipped with a network of electrodes, allows for precise muscle control and simultaneous training of different muscle parts.

Device was designed by a team of experts in electronics and electrical engineering. We closed the whole in a dedicated casing designed by specialists in industrial design and construction projection.

QR reader casing

For Surge Cloud company from the retail industry, we had the pleasure to design a housing for QR code readers for the growing network of Take&Go stores. The main purpose of our work was to create a durable casing that protects electronics from destruction, practical with a modern look at the same time. The scope of design work included the development of the body, frame and mounts for the scanner, lens and speaker. Individual parts were made of aluminum, stainless steel and plexiglass (colorless plastic).

At present, our project can be seen in two stores in Poznan, and soon in other locations in different cities throughout the country.

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