Delibike – a fleet management system for light electric vehicles

What vehicle is able to deliver food, shopping, flowers or any other type of shipment as quickly as possible? Bike! Add an electric drive to it and your products will be delivered in a flash!

The last mile transport system is a complete and flexible solution dedicated to companies that are struggling with the problem of delivering goods, shipments and meals in the cities, especially useful in areas excluded from car traffic. DeliBike is not only an electric freight bicycle. It is primarily dedicated software that allows effective and efficient management of couriers’ work, including optimization of their routes. Moreover, it ensures communication and remote control as well as safety.

Our bikes have an industry-specific fastening system, transport containers and safety devices with modular, interchangeable energy storage solution. With Delibike you don’t invest in your own fleet. You use our bikes flexibly, easily adjusting the volume to your needs. And you don’t have to worry about service either – we’ll make sure the equipment is always working.

The result of our solution is reduction of delivery time and significant cutbacks in operating costs associated with their implementation.

Selected functions of the IoT Controller:

  • vehicle geolocation
  • collecting operating data, e.g. battery consumption
  • remote opening/closing of the lock
  • easy integration with other vehicles

Mobile and web application:

Our software provides continuous communication, remote control and protects against unauthorized use. The applied location technologies and motion sensors allow users to start and end the ride in any place designated by the administrator, without the need to return to the base. Thanks to IoT locks, which use redundant wireless communication methods, Delibike provides greater control over vehicles in places where other tracking and location systems stop working. The software is used not only for driver control (opening and closing, vehicle information) but also for administrators and service teams to manage vehicles.

The Delibike system allows for:

  • real-time geolocation,
  • tracking the history of the trips (viewing data such as distance, average speed, etc.),
  • obtaining information about location within the zone (driving outside, being within its range),
  • reporting, including the settlement of journeys,
  • collecting operating data (e.g. battery charge level),
  • two-way communication (e.g. possibility of reporting failures),
  • accident detection,
  • online user verification.

In addition, unique communication methods allow for extremely short Delibike lockout times. Importantly, the lock is designed to prevent the accidental closing, for example while driving or remotely by third parties (attempted hacking). All components of the system have been developed and are manufactured for lightweight electric vehicles. As a result, the devices have an above-average energy efficiency, which allows to maintain communication also with vehicles that were not recharged for a long time.

The benefits of our system:

  • We speed up the delivery process by saving time on loading, traveling and unloading,
  • low cost of ownership
  • no CO2 emissions,
  • one-of-a-kind fastening system and interchangeable containers
  • possibility to heat and cool the load using ecological chemical cartridges.

Use charges:

  • You don’t have to buy equipment on your own or worry about high service costs. Delibike is offered as part of a service where you pay only for the bikes you use. The service is included in the price,
  • In addition, we offer software (SaaS) for courier management and route optimization, so your customers always know when they can expect a courier, which helps reduce costs and save time!
  • fees are charged monthly depending on the number of bikes and couriers. We encourage you to send us an inquiry to get an offer.

Parameters and characteristics:

  • lightweight construction and excellent driving properties allow to cross city streets at a very fast pace,
  • 100km of range on a single charge provides long hours of operational capacity for each unit,
  • our one-of-a-kind fastening system and dedicated transport containers put ergonomics of use at the highest level,
  • quick bike protection for easy parking anywhere,
  • 50% shorter delivery time (in urban conditions),
  • 70% more shipments delivered per hour (using a bicycle system with software).

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